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Energy Concepts


  • LEED Accredited Professional Engineers
  • Certified Energy Managers
  • Factory Certified Controls Specialists
  • Expertise in Energy Tax Deductions & Utility Rebates
  • Energy PE Expertise

Why should you be concerned about your firm’s energy bills?

  • The impact on your bottom line
  • The impact on our environment

Your Bottom Line

  • Natural Gas & Electricity have been increasing 3-8% per year
  • Energy use for heating and air-conditioning accounts for more than 25% of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings in the U.S. (EIA, Annual Energy Outlook 1998, Reference 1).

Our Environment

  • Reducing your energy bill by $9,000 per year has a BIG environmental impact! At $1.00 per therm this equates to:
  • Reduces carbon emissions by 47.7 metric tons
  • It’s the equivalent of 10 fewer cars on the road for a year

*Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator: http://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/widgets/ghg_calc/calculator.html

Seaman’s Can Help!

  • Energy Team walk-through and audit
  • Lighting and space heating evaluations
  • Third party energy assessments
  • LEED Evaluation of your building
  • Help you navigate through Federal Tax deductions and Utility Rebates


energy concepts