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How often do your customers complain about the indoor air quality in your restaurant? “It’s too cold, it’s too hot, I smell cooking fumes!”

Do customers ever complain about things floating in their drinking water? “If the water/ice isn't perfect, I wonder about the food cleanliness!”

Are rising energy costs a real pain in your bottom line? “37%+ of your energy bill is HVAC!”

What would happen to your business if your HVAC systems failed?

For the answers to these and other critical issues facing the restaurant industry, Seaman's can help. Contact us or call 616-458-1544.

A True Story:

The scene: Friday, late afternoon as the restaurant prepares for the peak weekend business.

The restaurant: A Grand Rapids location of a national chain.

The situation: The main exhaust fan in the kitchen failed and all of the cooking fumes and smoke quickly accumulated and started to spread into customer areas. Panic!
Seaman’s was called and immediately dispatched a technician who arrived on site within minutes. The problem was diagnosed as a 30 year old exhaust fan that had completely failed and was beyond repair. The restaurant would have to close.

Despair – disaster!

The Seaman’s Operations Manager sprang into action. A replacement was located in Chicago and the distributor agreed to stay open until we arrived. Within minutes the technician was on the road to the windy city. The first thing Saturday morning, a crane was on site, the new equipment hoisted into place and the service team went to work.

By 11:00a.m. Saturday the kitchen was back in service. The weekend was saved! Customers were serviced and the financial loss was minimized.

Want to experience this kind of service? Give us a call at 616-458-1544 or Contact us.

“Seaman’s has helped us maintain our standards at 34 Wendy’s restaurants throughout Southwest Michigan by exceeding our expectations time and time again in support of all our refrigeration, heating and air conditioning needs. The Seaman’s service team is always very responsive to our needs and they really live up to their goal of “fixing it right the first time”.” Glen Green – Wendy’s of Michigan

Our Restaurant Specialists have experience with:
  • Reach in coolers & freezers
  • Walk in coolers & freezers
  • Ice machines
  • Roof top units
  • Furnaces
  • Kitchen hoods
  • Make up air units
  • Prep tables
  • Electrical & Plumbing
A partial list of clients we service:
  • Denny's
  • The Cherie Inn
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Burger King
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Vitale's
  • Boatwerks
  • Terra GR