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Air house & Regenerative Thermo Oxidizer (RTO) replacement project.


  • Customer/Location - Paint Facility located in West Michigan.
  • This paint facility is primarily an automotive based tier 1 supplier and was facing a dilemma, the dilemma was knowing that replacement of their aging HVAC & RTO system was badly needed, but downtime available was very limited due to an extremely high production demand.
  • Throughout the budgeting and design process, production continued to ramp up which meant the allowable downtime continued to shrink.
  • The original downtime shrank from 3 months, to 2 months, to 2 weeks and finally just 9 days.
  • Due to the above time constraints, a total re-design was incorporated to perform the following:
    • Install a single structure/stand next to the plant
    • Install a mechanical room at the base of the new structure
    • Demolition of existing regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)
    • Install a new RTO
    • Installation of (6) new Air Houses
    • Demolition of existing Air Houses
    • MEP installation inside mechanical room
    • Energy Management Controls
    • Replacement of roof mounted exhaust fans and stacks
    • Duct across the roof
    • Plumbing of mechanical room and mechanical room equipment
    • Nine day change over to new system including the demolition of existing


  • Upgrade the system to meet the new design parameters of 70 DegF at 70% Relative Humidity for all units and zones including as basis for Humidification for 100% Outdoor Air units.


  • Recirculating Air House:
    • Booth #1 › 60,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #2 › 60,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #3 › 40,000 CFM Design basis
  • 100% Outdoor Air House
    • Booth #1 › 30,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #2 › 30,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #3 › 40,000 CFM Design basis
  • 340 Ton Heat Reclaim Chiller
  • 390 Ton VFD Screw Chiller
  • 150 H.P. Humidification Boiler
  • RTO
  • RTO Heat Reclaim Coil
  • 13 Pumps with VFD's
  • Energy management controls
  • Cooling tower

Aerial View

Equipment Structure

Mechanical Room


  • Completed the project in 8 days!
  • Product First Time Thru (FTT) rate improved on day one.
  • Elimination of Boiler System previously required for heating.
  • Increased quality of product.
  • Greatly improved system control
  • Much more!

Environmental Chambers for a local West Michigan Manufacturer - R&D Division

The mechanical system including controls, refrigeration, heating, humidification and dehumidification, is custom designed and installed to meet the parameters and procedures listed below.

Equipment Sizing:

  • Equipment sized for up to 3,000# of wood product per test
  • The parameters for these testing cycles are:
    • Humid:  85% ± 5% Relative Humidity, 80°F ± 3.6°F
    • Hot: Temperature increases from 76 ± 6°F to 137 + 5/- 0°F over a 9 hour period and then decreases to 76 ± 6°F over the next 15 hours. The cycle is then repeated. Humidity is not controlled.
    • Cold: 0°F ± 3.6°F, humidity not controlled
    • Dry: 15% ± 10% R.H., 78°F. ± 3.6°F
  • The testing process is as follows:
    • Humid for (4) days
    • Hot for (2) days
    • Humid for (4) days
    • Cold for (1) day
    • Dry room for (2 to 3) days
    • 13-14 day total cycle per test
    • Product ranges from woods to metals to fabrics with varying sizes from hand held to room filled
    • Process heat up / cool down time 9 hours per test, 15 hour cool down on hot cycle

The Kent County 63rd District Court.

This state of the art 40,000 square foot facility will utilize a closed loop Geothermal heat pump system with fifty (50) vertical Geothermal wells used for heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Forty (40) ground source heat pumps and one (1) roof mounted water-cooled heat pump energy recovery unit serve the building. The telecommunication/server room is served by a dedicated computer room air conditioning unit with a steam humidifier. The prisoner's sally port was equipped with a sidewall exhaust fan that is interlocked with a carbon monoxide detection system. All four (4) entrances to the courthouse are served with in-floor radiant heat.

63rd Dist Ct

Thousand Oaks

The design/build construction project at Thousand Oaks incorporated the renovation of the existing restaurant/pro shop and a 25,000 sq ft expansion of the existing banquet facility. A geothermal loop field, complete with forty-five vertical bores, was installed under the new parking lot. The existing mechanical system was eliminated and twenty-three (23) geothermal water source heat pumps were installed to provide heating and cooling needs to the space. Eight (8) of the geothermal water source heat pumps also serve the domestic hot water, perimeter radiation, and snow melt systems. Twelve (12) energy recovery units serve the buildings ventilation air and exhaust requirements. Three (3) walk-in cooler/freezer boxes and refrigeration were installed for the expanded needs of the kitchen. The system was designed and constructed to meet LEED certification.

Thousand Oaks

Founders Brewery

Founders Brewery was a design/build project that consisted of an existing truck terminal that was renovated into a new restaurant & bar. The restaurant is served by a horizontal packaged heating and cooling unit that is mated to an energy recovery ventilator that provides conditioned ventilation air to the space. A two-story office area is served by a high efficient furnace and condensing unit. Attached to the bar is the brew house where two (2) packaged rooftop units provide the space heating, air conditioning, and ventilation air needs. A cooler expansion project was later installed and consisted of a 38,000 cubic foot drive-in cooler refrigeration system. The refrigeration system has (2) warehouse evaporator coils, designed to keep product packaging from deteriorating due to moisture, and a packaged commercial Bohnimizer outdoor unit with a semi-hermetic compressor and headmaster low ambient controls.

Founders Brewery

The Fitzgerald

This historical renovation known as The Fitzgerald, consisted of thirty-nine (39) custom designed condominiums. A water source heat pump system with an open loop cooling tower was utilized for the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. A total of sixty (60) water source heat pumps supplied the condominiums, library, lounge, and fitness center. Energy recovery ventilators were used to provide conditioned ventilation air throughout the building. The enclosed parking garage was equipped with roof exhaust fans that were interlocked with a carbon monoxide detection system. A snowmelt system was also installed to serve the entrance and exit areas of the parking garage.

 The Fitzgerald

American Seating Park

This project reincarnated three former American Seating Company Buildings into new residential and commercial/retail development. The projects included approximately 230,000 square feet of residential space and over 100,000 square feet of commercial/retail space. We met the heating and cooling demands with the installation of over 200 water source heat pumps. A pair of 900gpm base mounted pumps simultaneously provide circulation for the closed loop. Two boilers provide a total of four stages of loop reheat. Loop cooling demands are met by an open loop cooling tower. Circulation through the plate and frame heat exchanger is provided by two more 900gpm base mounted pumps that are staged. The single cooling tower fan is speed controlled using a variable frequency drive. A 15-ton Liebert system provides the controlled environment in the computer/server room for the commercial tenants. The Executive Office Wing is served by two Trane roof top units with spiral ductwork and zoned VVT temperature controls.

 The Fitzgerald

Union Square Apartments

A former Grand Rapids high school building, known to many as Union High School, was converted into 206 luxury apartments. Each unit contains a water source heat pump to provide heating, air conditioning and ventilation, as part of the closed loop WSHP system. The open loop cooling tower with plate and frame heat exchanger reject the building’s excess heat. Two boilers provide common area heat. Ten Energy Recovery Units (ERV’s) provide required ventilation air. All aspects of this project included ductwork, registers, piping and controls.

Union Square

Berkey Gay Building (Apartments)

A previous furniture factory that was originally built in the 1800’s, has now become home to over 250 apartments, office space and a restaurant. This project required five (5) Energy Recovery Units (ERV’s), controls for loop boilers, cooling tower and plate heat exchanger, venting, over four-hundred (400) heat pumps, exhaust for the waste room, make up air system for the laundry room, various electric heaters, underground ductwork and thousands of feet of spiral ductwork.

Boardwalk-Berkey Gay

Boatwerks Restaurant

A custom designed Geothermal system utilizing beautiful Lake Macatawa to house five (5) 12-ton lake pod heat exchangers, provides this restaurant with an extremely efficient and effective way to heat and cool their facility. Along with this we provided three (3) custom rooftop heat pumps, four (4) geothermal water to air heat pumps, and two (2) water to water heat pumps serving the in-floor heat, snow melt, and domestic hot water systems.


Gezon Medical

This state of the art facility required one fluid cooler, boiler, water source heat pump loop piping, Energy Recovery Unit (ERV), snowmelt system and gas piping.

Gezon Medical

Catholic Central Field House

This LEED certified project provided two (2) 30,000cfm Applied Air make up air units with 60” round Ductsox for air distribution in the gymnasium, one (1) Reznor 225mbh indirect fired make up air unit, one (1) 2-ton rooftop unit, two (2) 20,000cfm sidewall exhaust fans with 72” round louvers, two (2) 10,000cfm sidewall exhaust fans with 72” round louvers and building management controls.

Catholic Central