At Seaman's Mechanical, we are an experienced and highly-recommended area contractor serving the electrical needs of commercial/industrial properties, from new wiring to electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. We’re specialists in the service and installation of electrical systems and have a comprehensive knowledge of new technologies, as well as systems that have been installed for years.

We Can Handle it All

We can take care of any job you have, whether it’s long-term maintenance for your office/industrial building, replacing old wiring with a new system, or making sure task-critical electrical equipment is running.

We can build or install any type of electrical system required in your commercial/industrial building. We install high-efficiency systems designed to be the most cost-effective on the market and geared to your particular property. We are committed to building the most reliable electrical system for your needs.

Seaman's Mechanical is a Platinum Certified Installer of Big Ass Fans which guarantees that these products are installed quickly, correctly, and safely according to the highest quality standards.