Industrial Equipment Replacement

Air House & Regenerative Thermo Oxidizer (RTO) Replacement Project


  • Customer/Location: Paint facility located in West Michigan
  • This paint facility is primarily an automotive-based tier 1 supplier and was facing a dilemma. The dilemma was knowing that replacement of their aging HVAC & RTO system was badly needed, but downtime available was very limited due to an extremely high production demand.
  • Throughout the budgeting and design process, production continued to ramp up, which meant the allowable downtime continued to shrink.
  • The original downtime shrank from 3 months, to 2 months, to 2 weeks, and finally to just 9 days.
  • Due to the above time constraints, a total re-design was incorporated to perform the following:
    • Install a single structure/stand next to the plant
    • Install a mechanical room at the base of the new structure
    • Demolition of existing regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)
    • Install a new RTO
    • Installation of (6) new Air Houses
    • Demolition of existing Air Houses
    • MEP installation inside mechanical room
    • Energy Management Controls
    • Replacement of roof-mounted exhaust fans and stacks
    • Duct across the roof
    • Plumbing of mechanical room and mechanical room equipment
    • Nine day change over to new system including the demolition of existing


Upgrade the system to meet the new design parameters of 70°F at 70% Relative Humidity for all units and zones, including as basis for Humidification for 100% Outdoor Air units.


  • Recirculating Air House:
    • Booth #1 › 60,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #2 › 60,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #3 › 40,000 CFM Design basis
  • 100% Outdoor Air House
    • Booth #1 › 30,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #2 › 30,000 CFM Design basis
    • Booth #3 › 40,000 CFM Design basis
  • 340 Ton Heat Reclaim Chiller
  • 390 Ton VFD Screw Chiller
  • 150 H.P. Humidification Boiler
  • RTO
  • RTO Heat Reclaim Coil
  • 13 Pumps with VFD's
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Cooling Tower


  • Completed the project in 8 days!
  • Product First Time Thru (FTT) rate improved on day one
  • Elimination of Boiler System previously required for heating
  • Increased quality of product
  • Greatly improved system control
  • And much more!